Saint Mitrofan Bishop of Voronezh

Saint Mitrofan of Voronezh* (secular name Mikhail; 1623 – 1703) was the first Russian Orthodox Bishop of Voronezh since 1682. He is reputed to have possessed miracle-working powers.

St Mitrofan of Voronezh

Chapel Icon of St. Mitrofan

Mikhail (as he was then known) was born in the village of Antilokhovo, Savinsky District and took monastic vows after his wife’s death in 1663. He managed the Kosmin Monastery near Yuryev-Polsky and the Unzha Monastery in Makaryev before being promoted to a bishop’s see in 1682. He supported Peter the Great in his efforts to build the first Russian warships in Voronezh but was generally critical of his Westernization policies.

Bishop Mitrofan was buried in the Annunciation Monastery in the Tsar’s presence in 1703. When 14 years later his tomb was opened, Mitrofan’s body was found to be “whole” and his relics were proclaimed to have healing powers.

СМЕВ 3 After he was formally canonized in 1832 and Tsar Nicholas I paid a visit to his shrine, his fame increased and large numbers of pilgrims from Central Russia started flocking to his tomb in Voronezh. The first Moscow church in his name was consecrated in 1895.

The Bolsheviks had Mitrofan’s relics confiscated. It was in 1989 that the relics were returned to the Russian Orthodox Church. There is an ornate statue of Saint Mitrofan in front of the Annunciation Cathedral where his relics have been kept since then.


*By kind and generous donation of Drs. Gregory and Teresa Wargovich-Stevens, an antique Icon of Saint Mitrofan was given to the stewardship of “The Poustinia” on Pentecost Sunday, 8 June 2014 in honor of Father Vladimir’s Incardination and Brother Jeffery-Zoticus’ Chrismation. Many thanks and may they be blessed for many, many years! На многая и благая лета!