Communion With God

At the heart of each monastic’s vocation is a desire for Communion with God via private prayer and the communal liturgical prayer in union with the Church universal. Saint Seraphim of Sarov (Russian: Серафимъ Саровскій) is one of the most renowned Russian monks and mystics in the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Faith.  He is generally considered the greatest of the 19th century startsy (Russian: старцы = elders).

St. Seraphim extended the monastic teachings of contemplation, theoria, and self-denial to the layperson.  He taught that the purpose of the Christian life was to acquire the Holy Spirit.  Perhaps his most popular quotation among Orthodox Catholic believers is:

“Acquire SSS-2a peaceful spirit, and thousands around you will be saved.”  

We consider this the essence of our lives in the Poustinia.

We strive to anchor the structure of our day centered in a cycle of prayer combined with our daily tasks, keeping in mind the balancing act between the monastic ideal of “desert” and the Gospel call to make the world a sacrament.

The Liturgical Cycle of divine services is the recurring pattern of prayer and worship that punctuates each liturgical day in the life of the Orthodox Catholic Church, for our prayer life is the true measure of our relationships with God and with each other. We pray with our whole beings for the unity of all Christians, especially for understanding and reconciliation between the Apostolic Churches.

Memorial Saturdays + Родительские СубботыEach Saturday a Memorial Requiem (Панихида) is offered for the repose of the faithful departed. Liturgical commemoration of our living and departed loved ones is perhaps the single best way that we can pray for them.  In order to facilitate the commemoration of both the living and the reposed, we offer a Commemoration Booklet (Hramatka, Помянникъ)  as an option for your convenience to facilitate the commemoration of your friends or loved ones at the monastery.

Please either type in the names of those you would like to be commemorated at the monastery’s liturgical services and send as an email attachment to or print out the commemoration slips, write in the names, and mail to: Orthodox Catholic Monastery of Our Lady Joy of All Who Sorrow, PO Box 748Oxford MI 48371-0748