Rusyn Marian Hymns

The majority of the original spiritual songs were composed in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, inspired by her repeated miracles. The Marian Hymns, composed with sincere faith and piety, represent the best of Rusyn spiritual compositions and are rightly considered the gems of Rusyn spiritual heritage.

Their simplicity and musical freshness captivated the hearts of the people and were kept alive throughout the centuries mostly by oral traditions. They are considered a treasured part of Rusyn spiritual heritage.

These spiritual songs sustained the piety and devotion of the Rusyn people throughout the centuries, and especially during the difficult days of their earthly pilgrimage. Even the Soviet atheist critics admitted that the Subcarpathian Marian Hymns:

“enriched by numerous poetical figures and choicest epithets, metaphors and comparisons reach a high degree of poetical art” (Prof. O. Myshanych, p 106).