Our Return to Facebook

Our community decided to cease its presence on Facebook approximately two years ago. Facebook’s multiple updates with seemingly reduced privacy protections accompanying each update were determined to be sufficiently concerning for us to reach consensus to deactivate. So what has sparked our decision to return? The most succinct answer is research. I’ll explain…

FacebookAccording to research, 10.8 million users in the 25-34 age demographic joined Facebook in 2014. Seventy-two (72%) percent of online adults visit Facebook at least monthly. Thirty-one (31%) percent of senior citizens use Facebook. And, finally, The average user spends twenty-one (21) minutes per day on Facebook. Last April Comscore released a study that the number of mobile-only internet users now exceeds desktop-only in the U.S. This means the majority of people in our country interact with the web on their phones nearly constantly.

computerSo how did the above-cited research impact our decision to return to social media? We realized that the mobile internet is the new mission field. Sure, it’s often easier to not engage; but, as Russell Moore said in his book Engaging the Culture Without Losing the Gospel, “to rail against the culture is to say to God that we are entitled to a better mission field than the one that has been given us.”

So we’re back! Please consider visiting us and liking us at: www.facebook.com/ocmoljaws. We pray that our presence on social media serves as a means of spiritual inspiration and conversion. From an eternal perspective, it could ultimately lead to conversion in the truest sense of the word—that is, salvation.


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