Saint Joseph of Arimathea

The holy and righteous Joseph of Arimathea was a wealthy member of the Jewish Sanhedrin and a secret follower of Christ (Matt. 27:25; John 19:38). Along with St. Nicodemus, St. Joseph removed Christ’s body from the Cross, prepared it for burial, and placed it in his own sepulcher. Jewish spies found out about this and told their authorities, who imprisoned St. Joseph. However, the resurrected Christ appeared to St. Joseph in prison and convinced him of his Resurrection. Some time later the Jews released St. Joseph from prison and banished him from Jerusalem. He then traveled throughout the whole world preaching the Gospel, eventually sowing the seeds of salvation in Britain, where he reposed peacefully in the Lord.

The Noble Joseph – Благообразный Іосифъ

Благообразный Иосиф, / с древа снем Пречистое Тело Твое, / плащаницею чистою обвив, / и вонями во гробе нове покрыв положи.

(Noble Joseph, taking down Thy most pure body from the Tree, wrapped it in clean linen with sweet spices, and he laid it in a new tomb.)
Благообразный Иосиф

Слава: Егда снизшел еси к смерти, Животе безсмертный, / тогда ад умертвил еси блистанием Божества. / Егда же и умершия от преисподних воскресил еси, / вся силы небесныя взываху: / Жизнодавче Христе Боже наш, слава Тебе.

(Glory to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Going down to death, O Life immortal, Thou hast slain hell with the dazzling light of Thy divinity. And When Thou hast raised up the dead from the their dwelling place beneath the earth, all the powers of heaven cried aloud: “Giver of Life, O Christ our God, glory to Thee.”)

И ныне: Мироносицам женам, при гробе представ Ангел вопияше: / мира мертвым суть прилична, / Христос же истления явися чуждь.

(Both now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen. The Angel stood by the tomb, and to the women bearing spices he cried aloud: “Myrrh is fitting for the dead, but Christ has shown Himself a stranger to corruption.”)

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