Coptic Orthodox New Martyrs

Below is a Letter To ISIS from the Coptic Orthodox Community in response to the recent events:

To My Friends, the killers,

You beheaded in cold blood 21 Copts, only because they are Christians and refused to leave their God and their Faith…

I want to thank you because:

  • You made them kneel not before you but rather before their loving God who is going to judge the living and the dead.
  • You did not make them see your hating harsh eyes as their last image on earth but the eyes of their kind heavenly father.
  • You videotaped this vicious killing… because until that day…we Christians were considering all the martyrdom of George, Demyana, Theodor and many more as mere stories… but thanks to your video we now believe in their reality.
  • You covered your faces, so we never remember yours but we will always remember the faces of the brave martyrs.
  • You made us understand the huge difference between your god and ours… in one simple fact our God would shed his blood in love for His people, and His followers gladly gave their lives for His love.
  • You also confirmed the huge difference between our religions and the gods we worship; my religion teaches that good deeds should be done in secret so God only rewards you for it, on the other hand, according to your faith your god is pleased with camera and action when you do good deeds killing harmless people.
  • You showed us that those young men were not scared…. I challenge you that you were….and that is why you masked your faces.
  • We saw their bravery in their faces and we saw the cowardice masked in yours.
  • Each one of the killers had a dagger and free hands while each one of the brave men had ….nothing and their hands were tied but … they looked awesome.
  • You allowed us to hear… their last voices on this earth…not asking for mercy…not crying for release…not screaming to say the shihada …but praying “My Lord Jesus Christ”

When you shed the blood of martyrs…your war now is not with earthly states or kingdoms but with the Lord of Hosts. Remember the Roman Empire…you cannot because it is not there anymore…after they martyred thousands of Christians …the Empire withered.

*Coptic Cross Tattoo

Our Coptic Orthodox Church revives on every single pure drop of blood that was shed to keep the Faith; so thanks to your actions you are helping in strengthening the Church and supporting the Faith. You allowed their pure blood to mix with the waters of the Mediterranean and the sands of the Libyan shores; without your knowledge, you are consecrating these lands and the countries around this basin through the Baptism of Blood. I assure you will see soon the effect of this blood. You may think I hate you… perhaps I am disgusted with your lack of humanity, but I don’t hate you.

  • I cannot hate you because My Lord forgave His crucifiers on the cross.
  • I know you want me to fear you and hate you: strangely you failed to do both.
  • I am praying for you because:

The Bible says “for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.” Hate is more powerful than life and you are so full of hate that I am worried you are already dead. Love is stronger than death; with my love I will defeat your death. One day you will know the true God.

*The ISIS murderers were able to identify the Coptic Christians by the tattooed cross inked on their forearms. In earlier interviews, Orthodox Copts (certain that severe persecution was coming to Egypt) explained that they were unsure if they would be able to stand up to such persecution. They, therefore, chose to have themselves indelibly marked as followers of Christ so that they could never renounce Him, not even in their weakest moments.

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