Appeal for Assistance

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!
Слава Ісусу Хрісту! Слава на віки!

Dearly Beloved in Christ:

On October 24, 2013, our community was established for the glory of Jesus Christ and dedicated to Mary the Mother of God under the title of Our Lady Joy of All Who Sorrow. Our community is a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit contemplative religious institution grounded in the Orthodox-Catholic Byzantine Rite tradition, located in the Village of Oxford, about 50 miles north of Detroit, Michigan.

Approaching the first year anniversary since our formation on the Feast of the Icon of Our Lady Joy of All Who Sorrow (commemorated on October 24th), we pause to humbly reflect on the community’s spiritual growth over the past year and to solemnly recommit ourselves to another year in the Lord’s service under the spiritual protection of the Orthodox-Catholic Church of America.

Today we are launching our first-ever appeal for financial assistance to support the important work of our religious community. Our financial goal is to raise a much-needed $6000 by the end of 2014 to assist us in our efforts of becoming fully self-sufficient.

Can a blog post and an email campaign addressed to approximately 100 persons raise $6000 in 90 days?  The math works out to $60 each, right?  Sadly wrong!  The real math isn’t so obvious. Those more experienced at this than we are tell us that just 30% of recipients will read this blog post or open this email. If every one, of say, the 30 persons who read this, donated $200, we’d be elated and we would have met our goal.

Regardless of the donation amount, every dollar tremendously helps, and the fact that you show your support for our work by giving ANY amount is just as important, if not ultimately more important, than the donation amount.  So we are deeply appreciative of donations of any amount.  Your sacrificial gift helps the community of the Orthodox Catholic Monastery of Our Lady Joy of All Who Sorrow (OCMOLJAWS) in the following ways:

  • To sacramentally worship in the fullness of joy and truth according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • To encourage and inspire one another to lead a life of Christian belief;
  • To manifest and teach by both word and deed God’s inclusive and unconditional love and acceptance;
  • To offer vigilant contemplative prayer for the suffering world and care for others in love;
  • To daily remember in prayer the special intentions of our affiliates and benefactors;
  • To observe a daily liturgical schedule according to the traditions of the Christian East; and,
  • To celebrate and share the Divine Mysteries (Sacraments) of the Church.

Please consider making a donation to support a monastic spirituality responsive to today’s society.  Your financial support is greatly needed and appreciated!  The community is supported solely through the kind and generous offerings of its friends.  All gifts are confidential and tax-deductible. To make a safe and secure offering to the monastery, please click Donate (button at the bottom right of this page).  Donations can be made via PayPal or any major credit card (a PayPal account is not required).

Wishing you blessings and remembering you in my daily prayers, I remain

With love in Christ,
☦ о. Владиміръ Вандаловъ
Rev. Fr. Vladimir Vandalov, Hegumen
Our Lady Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Catholic Monastery
355 Lakes Edge Drive
Oxford, Michigan 48371-5224

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