Four Bishops elected by Orthodox-Catholic Church of America

Bishop MitreFour priests of the Orthodox-Catholic Church of America have been elected bishops for the Church. The election results were announced at the national Synod in Lexington, Kentucky by the presiding bishop, Metropolitan Archbishop Peter (Robert Zahrt). The bishops-elected will be ordained later in the summer.

  •  The Reverend Ken Waibel is the pastor of St Mychal the Martyr Parish, Lexington, Kentucky.
  • The Reverend Doctor Stephen Duncan is the Director of Fine Arts for the Galveston School District, Galveston, Texas.
  • The Reverend Doctor John Newbauer is the pastor of St Mary Magdala Parish and Spiritual Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • The Reverend Douglas Smith is a healthcare consultant/trainer, training healthcare employees in the delivery of quality psychological and spiritual care. He is employed by the University of Wisconsin, and has delivered seminars in all 50 states.

The Orthodox-Catholic Church of America was created in 1892 as the Archdiocese of America, and is now known as the Orthodox-Catholic Church of America, by the Bull of H.H. Ignatius Peter III, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East and self-governing since 1910. Its clergy serve in a variety of ministries in twenty States with members in the American Virgin Islands, Australia, and Mexico.

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